RIM top 5

The RIM Team is revolutionizing risk management with the following (5) key practice areas. Our team of experts are prepared to provide rapid response initiatives to help mitigate your risk.

1.   Insurance Operations Management

  • Risk platform system with risk level alert system
  • Process flow management implementation
  • Fee-for-service company implementation
  • Vendor management with best practice controls
  • Immediate triaging to find cost containment and risk mitigation solutions

2. Fraud & SIU Triaging

  • Rapid response initiatives for claims handling
  • SIU experts (all-lines) – front end protection for catastrophic claims to help identify subrogation, reduce mitigation, identify compensability, and preserve evidence.
  • SIU action plan analysis throughout entire claim
  • A-RIM Team vendor partnerships – USA, Canada and Internationally
  • EUO program implementation for auto industry
  • Specialized investigative teams for each insurance practice area
  • Complex fraud investigations internally and externally
  • Capable of reviewing “insurance book of business” to ferret out fraud


 3. Risk Integrity Programs for Corporations

  • Skin-in-the-Game employee incentive programs
  • Risk integrity solutions guaranteed to reduce your claims mitigation “better than industry standards”
  • Race Car Pit Crew – team approach – “Eyes on safety programs”


  4. Captive Integrity Programs

  • Protecting the client’s insurance needs for claims mitigation, for Agents, Brokers, Insured’s & TPA’s, captive managers, investors, and insurance companies.
  • Offering many cost containment solutions to help participants of captives mitigate their future losses.  


5. Claims Audits & Reinsurance Consulting

  • Multi-lines claims auditing
  • Detailed claim review analysis and score-card audit process
  • Specializing in legacy claims triaging and accountability
  • Run-off risk mitigation audits, and reviews
  • Proactive cost containment triaging to help speed up claims closures


Our team of experts are prepared to provide rapid response initiatives to help mitigate your risk.

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Disclaimer: RIM is a business consulting firm only, and does not engage in any private investigative work for which a state PI license is required. RIM’s vendor partners conducting field investigations are properly licensed in their respected State.