Linda Webb, known as the Fraud Dog, is the global connector behind the RIM Team’s fraud and SIU consulting service with over 30 years of experience.  Linda understands the need to rapidly change its risk models in order to keep up with changing events.

If you ready for new unique cost containment solutions in your Fraud/SIU program, then we are ready to help your company reduce its claims, lessen loss ratio’s and save your company money?

RIM is ready to answer that call, by “rolling up its sleeves”, working with key in house and investigative vendors to follow every investigative lead, and responding quickly with a “boots-on ground-running attitude”.  RIM leaves no stone left unturned. RIM understands your investigative needs as RIM’s Founder and CEO Linda Webb started in this field.

Our approach involves first evaluating your current SIU/Fraud program and providing an initial assessment of cost containment solutions. We look at everything from the clients risk management, front/back insurance processes and operations management, captive arrangements, re-insurance, and claims auditing practices.

Secondly, we will build out a business action plan, implementing immediate cost containment solutions. Thirdly we will reach abroad globally by building superior vendor partnerships with only the very best in the investigative industry; with those whose pioneering principles and techniques mirror our own unique vision.


RIM Key Business Practices:

  • Due diligence practices to evaluate your new business
  • Risk level identifiers with risk control platforms
  • Rapid response initiative when any new risk is identified or a claim occurs
  • Full RIM Team expert activation available 24/7 to rapidly evaluate catastrophic risk with CAT team of experts immediately being deployed.
  • Open communication with all parties throughout the whole investigative process during CAT activation
  • Continuous investigative risk analysis throughout all of your business practice area.
  • Ongoing evaluation and assessment – triaging existing book of business for other fraud targets, and suspicious parameters.

RIM Fraud/SIU Services:

  • SIU (Special Investigative Unit) – Initial build-out and full service implementation
  • Anti-Fraud Plans – Federal / State Compliance
  • Intermediary between the company and law enforcement
  • Formal EUO’s program implementation (auto industry)
  • Customized Internal Incentive Programs – Reducing Asset Shrinkage
  • Investigative/Fraud Training  (web-based)
  • Fraud Compliance Programs – CE Certified Fraud Training Courses.
  • Fraud Posters
  • Fraud Hot-line
  • Internal Theft Investigation / Analysis
  • Social Media Investigations w/superior vendor partners
  • Full In-field Investigative Services w/superior vendor partners.
  • Low Impact Analysis
  • Full team of engineering experts (vendor partnerships) available 24/7
  • Full team of legal experts (vendor partnerships) available 24/7
  • Subrogation Analysis (Multi-line Insurance)
  • CAT Team Deployment
  • Global Investigations
  • World-wide global protection (Vendor Partnerships)
  • Asset Protection
  • Cargo Investigations
  • Stoli Investigations
  • Counterfeit Product Investigation
  • Undercover Internal Audit, Forensic, Fraud Investigations
  • Courtroom Expert Witness Testimony
  • OFAC Compliance – Due Diligence Processing & Set Up
  • Hospital/Pharmacy/Walk-in Clinic/Imaging Center Checks Implementation (vendor partnerships)
  • Internal Accountability Standardization
  • Social Security Verification System Implementation
  • Story-Boarding Evidence for Mediation – Court
  • Accident Reconstruction
  • Arson/Explosion/Toxic/Asbestos Investigations
  • Net-Mapping Organized Crime Ring Activity
  • Strategic Vulnerability Net-Mapping – Data Mining Techniques (SAS)
  • Front-Line Indicator Thresholds


RIM’s Fraud Consulting Services understand that it is not just about getting new business in the door. It’s also about saving drastically on the existing business you already have by revolutionizing your internal practices while simultaneously shoring up the holes in your current risk management program for additional business as well.


RIM offers to the business world a new approach to risk management. They say the only real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.  Allow our unique team of specialized risk management experts be your new eyes; identifying your ever changing risk and subsequently revolutionizing your business.


Contact RIM Fraud Consulting:
(860) 840-7746


Disclaimer: RIM is a business consulting firm only, and does not engage in any private investigative work for which a state PI license is required. RIM’s vendor partners conducting field investigations are properly licensed in their respected State.