The Athletic Mindset Training

Bring the athletic mindset way of thinking into your entire company. Let us help you get ALL of your employees to the finish line together!

Full Day & Half Day Workshops

The Athletic Mindset for:

  • Sales & Marketing Teams
  • Risk & Safety incentive programs
  • Team building motivation
  • Corporate Culture Building

Employees love being motivated!

Be proactive by implementing the best innovative safety incentive programs. Let us shine a light on non-compliance issues and safety concerns throughout your organization before you experience a safety related loss. In order to stay in the game… everyone performs better with skin in the game!

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The Athletic Mindset  – Three tools for success!

THE ATHLETIC MINDSET will drastically  improve the way you think in every area of your life.  When you learn to communicate better with yourself you immediately improve your communication at work, with friends and with loved ones.

Learn to use the “Catch it” principle for everything you do!

Successful companies understand the need to reinforce their mission and vision with motivating training for their employees. In athletic mindset terms we call it “the game plan”.  Your company values make up your mission and vision, and that we call the “rules of engagement.”

Give your employees the athletic mindset:

  1. Follow and speak your corporate values.
  2. Build a successful team to get to the finish line faster
  3. Achieve amazing results with the utmost integrity.

Your employees want to “catch it” and tell others, and we make it that much easier. Your employees will want to be that gold medal performer in everything they do, when the “athletic mindset” trainers help your employees, “catch it”.

The athletic mindsetgold medal performance, reinforces employees to think in ways of success in whatever they do, including;

1.      Think positively and show gratitude in all that they do.
2.      Disengage from individuals who are reinforcing negative behavior.
3.      The importance of mentorship.
4.      Learn to make goals, in all parts of their lives.
5.      Being prepared – a daily routine
6.      Incorporating affirmations, and making daily achievable goals.
7.      Following a game plan.
8.      Realizing what level of knowledge they  want to achieve.
9.      Celebrating achievement
10.   Making a “Catch It” Contract for that “gold medal” performance.

Tigger’s jump up into trees, but don’t know how to get down.

~   Winnie the Pooh

Don’t just jump into anything without a game plan. Getting everyone on your team, going for the goal line together is a powerful force. Celebrate together for amazing results.

With the “Athletic Mindset”, your team will “catch it” with unified passion, purpose and integrity, accomplishing that gold medal performance every time.