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Linda Webb interview with Sun Sentinel “After Target breach, beware of data thieves and crooks”

Fraudsters are having a field day. After hackers stole credit card and personal information during the holidays from 110 million Target customers, new horror stories continue to unfold about the massive data breach. Neiman Marcus Group has reported a data breach potentially affecting 1.1 million customers, too. This is just the beginning. “There is going to be a tidal wave […]

How can you STOP the Opportunistic Fraudster living inside your organization?

When companies start to recover they focus primarily on profitability and providing better customer service. Naturally these items are important, but it is even more important to watch the back end of your company for fraud, waste, and abuse. While most executives are focused on the front of the business making money, the opportunistic fraudster […]

10 Ways to Reduce Claims Expenses in Your Captive

In the article “10 good non-tax reasons to have a captive” the need to monitor claims expenses is mentioned. Indeed there is a lot that your captive can do to reduce your claim expenses and increase claims closures says Linda Webb, CEO of Risk Integrity Management.   At RIM, we focus on aggressive claims handling […]

RIM, and The Fraud Dog Recognizes National Consumer Protection Week – 2010

Risk Integrity Management reaches out to the community providing consumers guidance on fraud awareness in honor of National Consumer Protection Week – March 7-14, 2010. RIM’s CEO, Linda Webb, aka The Fraud Dog, has spent over 30 years fighting International Organized Crime Rings who prey upon the innocent in order for financial gain. Who are […]

Universal Health Care – New Target for Organized Crime Rings

Do your remember what happened when our prior President over a decade ago said, “Everyone deserves affordable housing?” Well the RIM President Linda Webb (the fraud dog) can say that the organized crime rings, and scrupulous greedy criminals answered the President’s call to help.  Like a tidal wave mortgage fraud-crossed America. Where were the warning […]

Work Place Safety Ignored in a Poor Economy?

How do corporations manage to increase profitability in a soft market? First and foremost, would a business even be able to survive? Businesses have faced tremendous challenges over the last several years. The hardships incurred were beyond anything experienced by this country since the 1930’s and with no apparent end in site. With limited credit […]

RIM Team solutions to Medicare Fraud – A Pandemic Alert

When the H1N1 virus hit our society our federal government went into immediate action, setting off alarms in the media like a DEFCON 1 warning of imminent danger. We immediately began preparing solutions to fight it:  Reaching across all party lines, setting aside differences and dispatching many different federal agencies to collectively work together to […]

What happened in the mortgage meltdown?

Over the last decade, millions of American’s experienced the joy of not only owning a home, but the desperation that comes along with losing a home, as well.  Losing a home in the middle of a recession dealt millions of Americans the pain of not only being homeless but also jobless. This moral demise affected […]