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RIM Global Security and Investigations

Over the last 26 years, Linda Webb, (The Fraud Dog) RIM’s CEO has worked relentlessly to develop vendor partnerships with only proven leaders in the field of global security and investigations. These vendor partners were “hand-selected” due to their ability to get-the-job-done while maintaining the utmost integrity. These experts are the best in each of […]

Lessons learned -Toyota’s world wide recalls

Toyota, like many corporations out there struggle with finding the right balance between how to be profitable in today’s business in an down economy, while also findings ways to meet the recent governmental demands involving GREEN technology. Whether Toyota faces increasing cost of supplies, worker’s empathy, or less vendor control’s, one thing can be learned from the […]

RIM Team solutions to Medicare Fraud – A Pandemic Alert

When the H1N1 virus hit our society our federal government went into immediate action, setting off alarms in the media like a DEFCON 1 warning of imminent danger. We immediately began preparing solutions to fight it:  Reaching across all party lines, setting aside differences and dispatching many different federal agencies to collectively work together to […]

What happened in the mortgage meltdown?

Over the last decade, millions of American’s experienced the joy of not only owning a home, but the desperation that comes along with losing a home, as well.  Losing a home in the middle of a recession dealt millions of Americans the pain of not only being homeless but also jobless. This moral demise affected […]

Protecting your vested interest from fraud and ponzi schemes

We believe in protecting your company’s investment quickly. We are the best at “finding the holes” in your business” and shoring-up those holes in every aspect of your business is imperative. If you’re ready… we have the vision to reduce your risk The old insurance era is extinct and it is time for a new […]

RIM Insurance Industry Articles

Great articles can be found here from the worldwide insurance industry. Providing informative RIM: Risk Integrity Management articles on fraud, investigations, loss control, security, safety and employee incentive training. LEGISLATION Obama vows to use bounty headers to go after fraud March 15, 2010, Washington, DC — During a Monday speech in Ohio, President Barack Obama […]