RIM, and The Fraud Dog Recognizes National Consumer Protection Week – 2010

Risk Integrity Management reaches out to the community providing consumers guidance on fraud awareness in honor of National Consumer Protection Week – March 7-14, 2010.

RIM’s CEO, Linda Webb, aka The Fraud Dog, has spent over 30 years fighting International Organized Crime Rings who prey upon the innocent in order for financial gain.

Who are these faceless perpetrators, and what can we do to fight back?


Linda Webb, The Fraud Dog says the best thing that consumers can do is first to have awareness that fraudsters can prey upon their identity in many different ways.  The consumer must have an all-around-awareness when giving out their personal information to others. It is like when you leave your home, you lock your front door, and some of you may even set your burglar alarm. You lock your home, because you do not want the burglar to break into your home. Your personal identification can be more valuable than any asset in your home. Therefore you must protect it with the same sense of daily urgency. Remember these criminals could work anywhere, possibly in a restaurant, movie theatre, bank and/or hospital. These criminals may appear to be your best friend, and you think that through their act of kindness that they are trying to help you.   Each day we amazingly expose our greatest asset without little awareness that someone has just taken your personal information in order for their own individual gain.

Most of these perpetrators work within organized crime rings. Their objective is very clear, to obtain your personal information in order to sell it to anyone who wants it. Your information could be sold around the world in less than one hour, but it could take several years to fix or restore your credit history as a result of such a crime.

Identify theft will effect every American family this year. Your best fight against this crime is always be aware of who you give your personal information to.

As a consumer you must realize that your personal identification can be taken from many different resources, whether it is through mail, email, use of credit cards, disposing of your trash with personal information, and even talking on the phone.

Once you believe you may be a victim of identity theft, then quickly report it. Also report it immediately to the main credit bureaus. Continue to monitor to make sure you are not continually targeted. Try to identify where someone might have taken it, so that it can be followed up on.

Even the Fraud Dog last year had her credit card copied at a restaurant in North Carolina. Remember this type of crime does not discriminate. Anyone at anytime can be a victim of this type of crime.

RIM supports National Consumer Protection Week, and we hope every consumer fights back against identity theft.

RIM provides a free Fraud Hot-Line reporting service at 1-888-RIM-1099.

If you report fraud to RIM, we will make sure it gets put into the right hands. RIM’s philosophy first stands for “Risk Integrity”, and stopping risk exposure before it happens.  RIM continues to roll up their sleeves and fight fraud at the ground level. Having awareness is your first step towards being proactive, rather than being reactive as a victim.

On Behalf of National Consumer Protection Week, the Fraud Dog, and your RIM team support this national campaign.

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