Universal Health Care – New Target for Organized Crime Rings

Do your remember what happened when our prior President over a decade ago said, “Everyone deserves affordable housing?”

Well the RIM President Linda Webb (the fraud dog) can say that the organized crime rings, and scrupulous greedy criminals answered the President’s call to help.  Like a tidal wave mortgage fraud-crossed America. Where were the warning sirens to warn Americans that it was coming? No town was left untouched, and every family was affected. 1 out of 4 American families lost their homes. The criminals who committed mortgage fraud felt no emotions, and they had no problem sleeping at night. They did not care whether someone had a roof over their head, or slept homelessly in some cold alley. Whether they were actual present here in America, or used pawns to commit the fraud living abroad, these criminals caused huge economic devastation. Now affordable housing is no more, and the criminals simply wait for the next “big thing” everyone needs.

Have we learned our lesson in 2010?


Well now our current President says, “Everyone deserves affordable health care? Sound familiar? Well the organized crime rings are here to answer the President’s call again to give every American afforded health care. Just over the last 6 months, there have been more fraudulent health care scams for “cheap medical insurance” than ever before. Again honest American’s are the ones who suffer.

Organized crime rings we call “fraudsters” continue to cloud the American dream, and we can no longer take a blind eye to its effects. One thing is for sure, if we cannot stop Medicare fraud, what makes anyone think that we can curtail the cost of fraud in expanding this program to universal health care.  Organized crime rings are waiting in the wings to swoop down, if universal health care is approved. The need to expand our assault on fraud must be expanded like homeland security.  Fraud funds terrorism, and every enforcement agency will be called upon to fight it. Fraud will continue to deplete our federal treasury.

When will we listen to lessons from our past? Variations of fraud will continue to morph and change with news of our current times. We must be ready to tighten our risk controls, make immediate adjustments, and become proactive, instead of be reactive. When we react to fraud, we have already lost. Proactive awareness, and ability to adapt cannot only lesson our fraud exposure, but also send the “fraudsters” back to where they came from. Risk Integrity Management, and the Fraud Dog, understands the need to take these proactive steps. Let your RIM team, and the Fraud Dog take those steps to protect your company against fraud.

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