NASCAR Racing has the largest fan base of any professional sport.

What lesson can we learn from this approach? NASCAR reaches out to its fans, and gives the sports fanatics’ real skin in the game”. The NASCAR fan can actively experience the race and feel what the racecar driver is experiencing throughout the whole race. The fan can “connect” to their racecar driver.

Is your management team assessable to their employees, like the NASCAR driver is to their fan base?

Randy Friedman teaches corporations this NASCAR approach by showing employers to “reconnect” with their employees. Getting your employees participation and “buy-in” is critical to the overall success. Whether the employer is changing its corporate image, going IPO, reviving it’s mission statement, enhancing it’s safety program, or teaching better customer service skills, it is about “employee commitment and participation”.

Are your employees in the NASCAR race… to win?

Randy’s NASCAR Pit Crew Approach will incorporate many different parts of the NASCAR race, like teamwork needed in the pit, or the rules and flags waved throughout the race. Let Randy show your corporation how to keep your corporation running faster while on the track, and ultimately taking the checkered flag to win the race.

At RIM, we help you build a stable core that keeps your companies tires moving forward!

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