RIM Global Security and Investigations

Over the last 26 years, Linda Webb, (The Fraud Dog) RIM’s CEO has worked relentlessly to develop vendor partnerships with only proven leaders in the field of global security and investigations. These vendor partners were “hand-selected” due to their ability to get-the-job-done while maintaining the utmost integrity. These experts are the best in each of their specific countries, bar none. In today’s world, the need for expertise specific to the given region is critical to the success of the operation.
Networking, along with understanding the need to “beat the street” at a moments notice, is what makes our RIM Global Security and Investigative team the best in rapid response initiatives, and complex sensitive operations. Our RIM team is ready to be dispatched immediately, and can handle any compromised situation. Our RIM team is also adept at handling very sensitive operations. Often times these situations, if mishandled, may elude to potential high-end media exposure for a person, or corporation.

RIM’s proven track record, incorporates key components:
• Ability to work in high threat areas
• Accessibility to move covertly if needed
• Adaptability to any region and environmental elements
• Having access to the latest in state of the art equipment
• Rapid deployment
• Identifying and securing critical evidence and information
• Protecting key individuals
• Reporting the facts without compromise
• Diffusing the situation, with action plan for a successful resolve.

Whether the situation involve a CEO of Fortune 100 company, high profile individuals, or something more specific to a corporations needs, we understand the need to be flexible and make immediate changes to any investigative action plan.
Pivotal to RIM’s success is always having relentless adaptability, as well as, a thorough understanding of the territory. Each specific region, whether it is the Asian Pacific Region, Middle East, Central America, or African countries, RIM has experienced professionals that both live in and understand the local culture, which facilitates in the proper handling of any sensitive matter quickly. Integrity is RIM’s key management principle. We have the courage to face the truth and to do the right thing simply because it is right. We will not tell you what you want to hear, but what the facts show, whether the information learned is good or bad news.

RIM’s professional global security and investigations team can manage the following areas:

• Executive protection
• Hostage situations/recovery (Pirate)
• Site security evaluations
• Security vulnerability assessments
• Security electronic sweeps
• Corporate market entry assessments
• Property rights protection
• Global due diligence checks
• Asset/background checks
• Counterfeit product replication
• Anti-money laundering
• Organized crime rings

RIM’s experienced team is a global leader covering the world in the following territories:

• Middle East
• United Kingdom
• Africa
• Central America
• Mexico
• China
• Hong Kong
• Thailand
• Philippines
• Vietnam
• Republic of Korea
• Taiwan
• Singapore
• Malaysia
• Indonesia
• Japan
• India

RIM’s global security and investigative team is the veritable solution for any formidable situation, as our mission will never be compromised. RIM’s Risk Integrity will ensure that an incomparable team of local counsel will be utilized to obtain the desirable resolution, especially when time is of the essence. One of the truest tests of integrity is its blunt refusal to be compromised. RIM believes that during mission critical situations reliability, dependability, and integrity will always be in the forefront of the operation and will be carried through to its completion.


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