Lessons learned -Toyota’s world wide recalls

Toyota, like many corporations out there struggle with finding the right balance between how to be profitable in today’s business in an down economy, while also findings ways to meet the recent governmental demands involving GREEN technology.

Whether Toyota faces increasing cost of supplies, worker’s empathy, or less vendor control’s, one thing can be learned from the latest Toyota Recall, that ultimately just one slight oversight in any area is a weak link in the fence. This one little hole, like in a dam, can eventually crumble the whole support system, and cause a flood of events to occur.

The recent Toyota recall as we have witnessed is like such an event, and with it other car companies are now scrutinized forcing more recalls. Just one recall can cause a chain reaction of catastrophic proportions, which can take even a mammoth car company down to it’s knee’s. More importantly and worthy of notation are the lives that were lost that forced the recall to even be considered. It is a shame that in today’s society, that we have lost our true “human factor” merely to a numerical quantitive formula.

AT RIM, our Team has seen this happen many times as this delicate balance unfolds. Each company faces tremendous pressure from all sides. It’s greatest challenge is how can it maintain profitability while offering safe products to its customers. AT RIM we recognize this balance and bring solutions to companies who are willing to look “out of the box”.

Toyota Recalls Another 2.3 Million U.S. Vehicles

By Dan Strumpf and Stephen Manning, AP Writers
Manufacturing.Net – January 22, 2010

NEW YORK (AP) — Toyota Motor Corp. built its reputation in the U.S. as a maker of safe and dependable vehicles, but the quality of the Japanese automaker’s fleet continues to be tarnished by serious safety recalls.

Toyota said Thursday it is recalling 2.3 million vehicles in the U.S. to fix accelerator pedals with mechanical problems that could cause them to become stuck. The announcement comes just months after it recalled 4.2 million vehicles due to gas pedals that could become trapped under floor mats, causing sudden acceleration. That problem was the cause of several crashes, including some fatalities.

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