RIM Team solutions to Medicare Fraud – A Pandemic Alert

When the H1N1 virus hit our society our federal government went into immediate action, setting off alarms in the media like a DEFCON 1 warning of imminent danger. We immediately began preparing solutions to fight it:  Reaching across all party lines, setting aside differences and dispatching many different federal agencies to collectively work together to find a vaccine.  Cooperatively, we worked together to diffuse the epidemic.

Medicare fraud causes an equal concern, but the same sense of urgency is not being applied. Medicare fraud costs exceed the cost of the H1N1 virus by 400% and are causing many more senseless deaths. Our elderly have particularly been victimized by this widespread fraud, which has found its way into our Medicare system like a silent killer. These unscrupulous criminals are depleting our federal reserve’s with very little enforcement or deterrent being applied.

How can we expand our current health care system with universal health care if we cannot get our hands wrapped around the expansion of Medicare fraud?  Health care fraud morphs in so many different ways and on so many different levels that it takes only the most experienced fraud fighting professionals, like RIM’s Investigative team, to untangle the mess. It takes the appropriate analytical tools:  predictive modeling, data-mining thresholds, and risk platforms to ferret out this type of fraud. It takes tightening the Medicare rules on the front-end: identifying the anomalies, and proactively apprehending these types of criminals on the back-end. As one leader of an organized crime ring told RIM’s President, “It is easier to commit Medicare fraud than it is to deal dope, because you can fraudulently bill Medicare and never have to leave your home to commit the crime, along with a slim chance of ever being caught.” It is so easy to commit this type of crime; common criminals are becoming opportunistic and are trying their hand at this very profitable brand of fraud.

RIM’s team of experienced fraud experts continue to fight this type of crime with the same sense of urgency this country once had in fighting a pandemic virus.  As part of RIM’s commitment to fighting fraud, RIM’s team of experts continue to educate the public. The RIM Team believes that everyone needs to understand how to recognize this type of fraud.  Remember, that to stop fraud you must report fraud so just take the first step, and report it, and we will do the rest.  At RIM fighting fraud is what we do.  With your help, together, we can save lives.

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