RIM globeRisk Integrity Management (RIM) is a specialized risk-consulting firm offering expert services in:

  • Insurance Operations Management
  • SIU/Fraud Consulting
  • Risk Integrity Programs and Risk Control Services
  • Captive Integrity Programs
  • Claims Auditing and Reinsurance Consulting


RIM’s mission is to protect your company’s assets, lessen exposure, mitigate claims losses, reduce loss ratios, identify vulnerabilities, provide proactive control measures, and deter fraudulent acts perpetrated against your company, its subsidiaries, and the customers to which you serve. If you are ready for rapid response initiatives to help you’re risk mitigation, then you are ready for the RIM Team.

Risk Integrity Management – We Mitigate Risk, and Protect Your Investment

RIM focuses on cost containment in the areas of insurance management oversight and risk management programs. With over 30 years of experience, we provide specialized risk management services to help reduce your insurance premiums, mitigate losses, proactively identify risk and reducing your company’s overall insurance cost.

RIM’s Insurance Management Services and Risk Management provides extensive experience in helping you find the right cost containment solutions for your company.

  • All-Lines Insurance Background
  • Strong Brokers and Insurance Carrier Relationships
  • Global Investigative Networks
  • Program Structures and Agreements
  • Claims Auditing and ALAE Expense Reviews
  • Captive Arrangements
  • ERM Programs
  • Reserve and Collateral Analysis
  • Risk Modeling and Stratification
  • Subrogation, Mediations, and Arbitration Forums



1. Insurance Operations Management

  • Internal Control Services for Insurance Companies:  (ICS)
  • Risk Control Platform System and Triage Alert System – From underwriting to claims – A front to back control system
  • Underwriting Quality Assurance Reviews

2. SIU/Fraud Consulting

  • SIU Compliance Services
  • State Anti-Fraud Guidelines
  • State Annual Report Filing
  •  Specialized Fraud Training Programs

Industry Specific – All Lines Insurance

  • Can build fraud courses to fit compliance needs
  • CAT Claims SIU Expeditor
  • Rapid response initiatives during high exposure claims


3. Risk Integrity Programs and Risk Control Services:  (RCS)  

  • Loss Control Services – Onsite Safety Assessments / Training
  • Safety Incentive Programs – Race Car – Pit Crew Approach
  • Corporate Integrity Programs


4. Captive Integrity Programs

Specialized captive services dedicated to protecting all types of captives regarding:

  • Claims
  • Expenses
  • Dedicated rapid response initiatives to protect captive losses from escalating


5. Claims Auditing and Reinsurance Consulting

  • Claims containment controls
  • Run-off risk mitigation
  • Legacy claims accountability


Our RIM Team of experts are prepared to provide rapid response initiatives to help mitigate your risk.

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Disclaimer: RIM is a business consulting firm only, and does not engage in any private investigative work for which a state PI license is required. RIM’s vendor partners conducting field investigations are properly licensed in their respected State.